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brother. Woman is therefore the great conservator of

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hours. All these patient s were covered with maculae.

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Treatment. Free incisions were made through the in

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serve commemoration only for the mischiefs they have done and ex

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secretion has an organic base and that this base modified is the poison.

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seriousness or rather absence of seriousness of the case.

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of inflammation and not to the difference as to whether it is active

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of specialists you all understand it I shall there

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matter of difficulty but this is overcome in the apparatus about

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mild. Dr. Stewart of Lifford states that two epidemics have

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non effective with the division in substitution of the

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than likely that the two opposing forces experimental

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A knowledge of the physiological action of the hj drate of

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distribution than appears from the data mentioned only it is frequently confounded

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tlic vaccination movement. It was desired to take away from the

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occurs but also the immediate destiny of the stored sugar. The storage

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and convincing in his deductions has adapted them more with the

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Archives an article on the return to the flap operation

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Case VI. Ellen O K. aged thirty years married no children out

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society from the earliest ages down to the present day and



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