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reason the German surgeons do not get such favorable

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the effort intended for the contraction of the muscles

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This study has shown that there is a leucocytosis associated vith con

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applicants for certificates at the recent State exam

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and Increased atmospheric pressure A illustrating the

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sinuses before the tonsils and adenoids are removed. In all cases of

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sensory disturbances the anesthesiae and visual defects

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taken to send her to you with his massive doses of IRON.

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be a purely muscular affection. M. Debout has recently seen

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sorption may be the first step in the transformation of fat into lecithin.

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given in doses of minims c. c. Ursemic symptoms are best treated

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chills. The disease now developes itself in the following manner The

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superior nucleus of the oculomotor nerve. The spinal

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the ordinary intestinal contents is usually lessened in the course of

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the lung after birth. It is then called congenital atelectasis. In other

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baker to make three loaves per sack of flour more than he

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the latter particularly in its permanent cicatrices and their deforming

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pneumonia which is a mild form of lobular pneomonia.

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ceivable also that they fall a prey to the poisonous metabolic

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enlist the active cooperation of all the. e agencies in

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vorable. In those animals which recover from the pulmonary

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in three months time. Unfortunately the pregnancy lighted up

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the pyrexia and night sweats had almost entirely ceased.

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poss dait la didactique de son art beaucoup mioux qu il nc le

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patches are seen on other parts of the body. The elementary

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