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contagium finds a fertile field for its activity among
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is badly shattered or crushed it is called comminuted. Bones may
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will be necessary for this purpose and as deaths of residents occurring
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the Military or Xaval iledical Service or in Medical or
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reaction was less manifested wakefulness waa present and deep
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room to follow bis practice. He took however considerable
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delineated and classed many species altogether unknown to
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the same coiu se as in Case I. except that the general
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To the late Dr. Horace Green of New York the profession is indebted
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cess in cases iti which operation does not seem wholly indi
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accounts of many cases so severe as to b alarming. In the more
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for this purpose are aconite pilocarpine and quinine.
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all cases of doubt to act as if appendicitis is present
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and well no brothers or sisters dead. There is no family history of
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t ion to soft water which is readily miscible with soap.
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will be elevated dissolved or otherwise destroyed by the
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pended in three ways First it serves to keep up the
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suffered more or less from scrofulous diseases of the joints and
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the slightest connection with fiction. It is our purpose there
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feated him. At least that was the general opinion at the
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going to visit a certain place as such like notices are not
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this purpose when the mother s milk is not to be had but
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wished during the treatment. He was poorly nourished not
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intervals until the lung is tightly compressed as shown by
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The health officer of to day realizes that his work



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