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During the spring of his fourteenth year the aural trouble
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proved more fatal than in Liverpool and nearly double as fatal as in
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not lead to early destruction. What is dreaded in other
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for it would share the signs of emotional and other
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the legs and the calves may be constantly stiff swol
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While the erysipelas in the above mentioned epidemics presented
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fairly capacious. Washing out had been used for long periods.
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About the slit like cavity in the centre of the stem of gliomatosis
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hour after the big meals of bread fish and egg had been taken.
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wider field and a much nobler field than that which has been
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enc halic luu ve centres caushi lt the liyperiesthesia of the mucous
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paroxysms are broken preventive doses of i or grains three
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of typho malarial fever. Now I do not believe. there is such a
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times gained the prize of the Academic Royale de Chirurgie for
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disappearance being as rapid and complete as the onset of the
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negative due to the intrathoracic structures yielding
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and migrating to the subcutaneous tissues still further develops. It may
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tion of the submucous tissue which afterward becomes
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Equally worthy of record are the mental signs of anxiety as a



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