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encephalopathy. Accepting this nomenclature we should regard encepha

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us to comprehend his ill arranged and involved sentences. The

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remain in the carcass depending entirely whether the head is cut off

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offender liable to fine or imprisonment in most places.

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secretion of tears the white of the whole anterior chamber dim

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cen tre centre of ossification for the temporal bone.

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C. has seldom found in the horse but often in the mule.

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inhaled. It was first shown by Cornet that the dust accumulating in

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liquid obtained by filtering through a porcelain filter a cul

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scarlet fever by slight sore throats or ephemeral eruptions h c.

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glands are covered by the mastoido humeralis muscle in front of the

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immediately after the inoculation or subsequently others

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Subcutaneous oedema extending over the greater part of the body receives

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out the body. This is why the nails lips and face may become

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rectal alimentation may be demanded. Diarrhea is so fre

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subsiding but fatalities are not uncommon and death may take place

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ployed in the treatment of such affections but with a

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lower line under the left axiUa. Thus it occupied the whole of the

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the whole system is unhealthy and it can be readily seen that

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interesting remarks on Cancer of the Female Breast.

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Fixation was carried out both with and without freezing that

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revolutions its engine makes the more imperative is the

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nitrate iodoform and oil. This was followed by the use

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lowing six groups of cases. Simple fractures of the

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of intolerably fetid matter was expelled. In this case the physical signs

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interfered with. Druitt says it is extremely rare. Tlie two points that

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other fatal case occurred under nearly the same cir

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to which eye caused the dissociation. The authors do not clearly state



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