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whole period of ansesthetisation. Such cases demand anxious watchfulness.

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how far the appearances presented by the patient indi

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to it by the manner of living above described. At present we have

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that find their way to the medical man s library table.

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country. One of the best ways is to provide large storage reservoirs

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ihi.Hc pigs Nos. and were evidently artially immune and

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which would cause a great deal of reaction. The hot

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virus in gastric juice and Hoyges simply dilutes the fresh virus. The

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The following is the composition of the most impor

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Dr. Spalding had recently two such cases with similar symp

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interests of those who under plausible pretexts offer to relieve

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Clinical Diagnosis Secondary syphilis syphilitic periostitis of the frontal

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rine parietes by the contractions of the latter the idea

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Although injections as large as cubic centimeters were used it

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rain makes one forget the temperature in his efforts

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In the absence of history a chancre in the nose Avould give rise

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prominence for example the sacrum the great trochanter the malleoli

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these gentlemen entered the service as a medical officer. Dr.

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grammes in cachet. It may be administered in almost

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of the nails. The nails soon became soft and very brittle

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lating effect to floating mucus in urine that has undergone fermentation.

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come from long distances to place themselves under his

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ever they develop in an hour or so. Prominent among the symptoms is

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spirits and ate all kinds of food with a keen appetite.

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redness disappears by pressure but promptly returns when

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left are as follows head mm neck mm. just below trochanter

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recommende lt l. that is by puncturing the surface of

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joints occurs more frequently in syringomyelia than is generally imagined



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