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cases which would otherwise go unattended and also to provide emergency

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spontaneously and gradually heal with scar formation. In

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colleagues are using it they have failed to realize its

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aqueous vapour is indicated by the dew point. But this result

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I origine d acides organiques dans le sue gastrique

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Navy and that they are hereby directed upon a writ

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colonies vary from the size of a pin point to mm. in diameter.

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fact the nine cases I have selected and tabulated show no

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It seems reasonable to infer from the close alignment of the volcanoes

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where there was a tendency of the abscess to point above

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line. The patient had no personal or family history

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ural laws as well as spiritual laws ickich spiritual

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upper since in the former the blood vessels are somewhat more rigid.

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vice given by the author of the paper and affirmed that

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galvanism. He applied electricity through the nerve

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and serves at the same time as a safety valve for the

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practice now common and even among some physicians

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are the subjects of internal hemorrhoids and have to

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fess to follow the illanean system as Dr. Tilbury Fox s

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which these nerves terminate. It is necessary to emphasize that it is

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his bowels ari opcn d b gt recial injections if rc

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been confirmed. It is however probable that the trophic

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model of a very unique surgical table and also an invalid bed

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cases of gunshot wounds and cited a number of cases

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the four years of medical study and have passed the final examina

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Such a consideration was however no obstacle to the attain

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additional observation and refiection and nothing has trans

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in which both lungs and pleura and pleura alone were

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ulcer spasm of the muscular coats of the viscus is an

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ber of blood clots were washed out and the lateral incision

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car disease which is due to syphilis is ushered in without any pain.

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and sufficiently full. The work is one of much merit and

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germs will have fallen into it from the air and will remain



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