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sympathetic neurones in the myenteric and the submucous plex
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tained in them is rather increased than diminished.
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support the line of reason that we are following for how
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albumin the spores begin to germinate and to multiply slowly
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the teeth crowns are so buried in the overgrowth there must be
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shell membrane and inscrvient to the respiration of
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Me tr atrophia met rah trof e ah metra a privative
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nected to any of our electric light currents. Mr. Tesla
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sun s rays do not burn until brought to a focus. Alexander C.
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extremities while the general feebleness of the individual
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Surgery in the same institution for three years mem
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sent subject. I subjoin an imperfect analysis of the stone of
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pital last Monday and Drs. Hearn and J. Chalmers Da
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been painful and over frequent for about six months and she
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that the changed condition for the better in asylums was
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Treatment. The treatment of acat cystitis includes prophylaclic
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phia Baltimore Charleston and Fall Elver each Brooklyn and
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chemical substances such as strychnine and tetanus toxine have a selec
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he would widen greatly the class of membranous dysmenorrhcea
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line would not be considered in that particular session.
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pointments for refractions were being made weeks in advance. Provision
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sure which it exerts upon a definite space we find that every square
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an anaesthetic to remove the foreign body by inverting
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outer table of the bone which is eliminated by exfoliation the inner table
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up an operation tell her of the great advantages which
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enlargement accompanying the acute infectious fevers malarial fever etc.
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tumour which lay partly twisted on itself so that the
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irregular appearance. It is thrown into transverse folds and is
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bauds five cases of obstruction due to malignant disease
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screening should be discontinued if previous smears
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went out in that way and it has been my experience to
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ing upon the patient of absolute rest in the recumbent
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cause. Juergensen saw I that the disease had different



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