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sterile kidneys four tubes three sterile one showed a

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the periosteum was left on the bone would not spread.

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ledging the superiority of their forefathers seemed as

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intoxications or infections from bacteria of all kinds

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arise in the course of chronic gastrectaais. Some of these cases prob

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duodenostomy in those cases of ulcer of the stomach

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have been directed to the subject. This greatest single step forward

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admitted without any expense to the surgical operations and clinical

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Proceedings of the Connecticut Medical Society. Ninety

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growth in the liver which weighed oz and was very hard and cirrhosed.

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reports suggest an association between intrauterine exposure to female sex hormones and congenital

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chronic sclerosis of the drum cavity the fibrous tis

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touch. A pustule appeared at the upper angle of the ulcer

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want of food and exposure. One of the commonest symptoms

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When the inflammation extends to the p ustachian tubes or their openings

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that it contains vegetable matter. It is well known that the Thames

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alimentation with sugar is occupying such attention in the gen

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tages over any now in use. A full description of the

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me to imagine that the opinion which is commonly entertained

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each. New York Philadelphia Brooklyn Chicago Milwaukee

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Report of the Parliainenlary Bills Committee. Mr. ERNEST Hart

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unpublished method of Thomson in the diagnosis of scotomata.

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extensive than that of a mere antipyretic. Preventative either of initial infection

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rest in the horizontal position a purge and the internal use

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ties which are working for the better development of infancy and

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ness. Person to person spread does not appear to occur

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larger and the resulting crop of beans better. From



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