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forating wounds of the eyeball all possible sources of ciliary irritation

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diagnosis of the locality in tlie brain of the disease

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of well defined outline and a practically normal condition of the arteries

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tained but the most plausible theory was stated by Dr. Graham Lusk

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occupy the epigastric or nmhilical region. The term wan

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Slides of Urinary Deposits Injections Muscular Fibre etc. CHEMICAL

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some tumors is noticeably retarded by the influence

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Dr. William Browning said that the result in the above

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tainly that the needle is in a vessel Anger uses a double

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ever they develop in an hour or so. Prominent among the symptoms is

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however mediation has been taking place. This is especially appropriate because the two

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tions for upwards of sixteen months. He had been operated

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tion is a multiple arthritis and its chief complications are cardiac endo

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still others finally reach complete development they like true smallpox

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individual. Such a survey of the modes of prevention must not overlook

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say lest the title evanesce before finis can be writ

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most desirable. The use of scissors in dividing the

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of property rights a child en ventre de sa mere was

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over a large area instead of being closely aggregated to

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poison that might have been thrown out here is allowed to

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or whitish seed like body frequently with an appearance of

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very unlikely we must also doubt that of Fehleisen who traces the word

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and help the student to visualize the structures in relation to one



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