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swollen and painful. These conditions gradually in
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tionary gives the average composition of normal urine
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elevations or in combs. The composition of the crust varies. It
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marrow has been generally natural. In some cases Clot Bey found
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that the patient presented the following well known
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necessarily prevent multiplication for this may go on
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p. Preisz in regard to the bacillus of pseudotuberculosis in sheep see p.
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emaciates. Frequently there is paresis of the sphinc
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it would cost to tear them oul and replace them. In disinfecting
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endo neural lymph spaces. Lewis f however failed to find any
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domen by adhesions among the intestines and in these
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often mistaken for a tubo ovarian cyst as will be explained. Bland Sutton
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daily appear in mournful files beseeching the giving public
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When the lymphoid enlargement involves the neck only particularly if
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stomach. Two cases are recorded which took the latter course
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from the report for the quarter ending th September
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of inflammation. An instance of this elTcct occurred when the pain of
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lary reflexes somewhat sluggish and a tremor of the hands
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experimental physiology required of first year students
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and should be performed at once when the adhesions have grown
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leads him to think that the distention of bursae be
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portion contains shreds of muco pus the posterior urethra is inflamed. In
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tian with quotidian charts with remittent charts and
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an introductory note and we believe the series of short articles
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pock covered skin and to the symptoms arising from the upper mucous



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