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hour glass deformity or pyloric stenosis. Conditions

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but the proportion of lepers to the general population is infinitesimal.

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Bantockjj.eg reports cases of ovariotomy with deaths.

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role in the transmission of hemolytic immunity to the offspring than

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The.etiology of these three affections will be considered

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This want of balance reacts on the labyrinth. In Ferreri s opinion all

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cessful at the competitive examinations held at London in February

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inch of oxygen to each of a grain of haemoglobin when

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tion of the Ecole Polytechnique and the nominations of

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letters have been written and replies received in most

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ably due to differences in the amount of force applied to the

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saltspoonful of salt a teaspoonful of sugar and a gill

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patient. The tenderness on pressure complained of sometimes

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this definition as his own saying that the qualifica

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merely in an intolerance of the presence of food with

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and hence we may conclude that the atmosphere was unfitted to

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when after several years of constant observation they

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was the sixth of the family only one being dead. He

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fect and satisfactory and beneficial results. The dose

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matter viz. the medulla oblongata. Xow such a supposi

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length of time required in favorable cases to effect a

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fied with immune cow sera the eyes inflamed sooner and

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localized and diffuse hypertrophies and pseudo neoplasms as that which

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treatment of obesity iodothyrin has likewise been effective. It

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ulcer on the lower extremities supposed to be due to

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really inanimate although there may be no motor paralysis.



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