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servation in an otherwise tragic situation have pushed PD

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nition of woman will assist to regulate the evil by opening new avenues

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syphilis. Neither need he be bereft of other senses

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onset of the ease the patient was suffering from continuou

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of syphilis in its early stages. No patient should be

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kind in the United States owes its origin to the illustrious

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attempt has been made by the Governors to present disease

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how to approach him. Dr. Gait was a brilliant and scholarly physician

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of the coccyx increased by sitting or rising and at

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the degree of mental excitement exhibited by the patient.

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undoubtedly lowers resistance to infection of the lungs with strep

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owing to any cerebral lesion but is due generally to the con

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Six experienced head ache four hallucinations three

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perfect laxative and with complete manufacturing facilities especially adapted to the

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in order to get more room. We shall establish through

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sac there has been no unfavorable symptom. I prefer carbolic acid to

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stroke and the intestinal congestion and transudation

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In some patients the fits are ushered in by noises in

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paretics and tabetics and in spite of the hopeful nature

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adventitia and esoape of the blood into the perioardium mediastinum

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hand the oral sepsis is favourable to the development of

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the same extent. There was no noticeable change in the tophi under

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sated bile. Do all these eminent authorities also labour

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pain at the back of the buttock. Under such treatment

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not fail to find much of interest in a study of the

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Hymettus of Denman which he said had a decided Tokay

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practitioners. It is well arranged throughout and will no doubt

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This is only partially correct and it is misleading

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tolerated Though generally not recommended if combination

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which to make the search. It is necessary to make skin

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cannot recover unless the opening is closed. The only



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