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Ihall in certain corjundlures of circumftanccs do all that philofophers

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mothers very rarely give birth to tubercular offspring. Almost

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and because the streptococcus appears to be an important agent in scar

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Contrary to the popular and to a certain extent the profes

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such cattle herds in which osteomalacia was diagnosed p..

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wish it every success in its new field of activity.

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of the cases that come to autopsy after seemingly a typ

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department of the university the services of such a man as Dean Holmes.

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dry. No secretion of urine. Showed signs of pain when pres

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to undergo the treatment necessary. It is understood that the causative

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in retaining the pyloric contents till they are in proper

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These movements are at times confined to the hand and foot and consist

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there is no disease if consecutive inflammation of the perito

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If acute symptoms have subsided after forty eight hours a cautious

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which forms island like foci in stomachs otherwise not much

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distended with blood. The convolutions on the left side

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the thoroughly chronic stage has been reached that local treatment should usually be

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cause. Thorough irrigation is essential in all these cases

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carefully studied no such changes have ever been observed. Indeed

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recall a case where the patient has failed in his attempts to

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time on the present occasion to enter into a discussion

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show some day if this question retains any interest

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female and two in the male. In all but one palpitation

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an organ of reception for these same pathogenous agents which

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the meningococcus may also explain the unusual frequency

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In March in referring to the treatment I stated that a partial



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