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tion is a truth that needs no comment. Defect in quality of

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tained but the most plausible theory was stated by Dr. Graham Lusk

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a small chondroid mass situated near the right sterno

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mating the greater with the lesser curvature. A union

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Jamaica ginger added and taken immediately after each meal will generally

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Spicer states that the normal orthograde posture may be

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represent about the worst form of this material. If

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who had been inocvluted and of wlio had been vaccinaled.

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exposure. It might be mentioned that in the author s wards

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main and after a time are excited by unknown causes to activity.

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softened portions in the lentiform body of the brain. The ves

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sleep was impossible. One dog was confined in a sus

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cisely an opposite character are indicated namely those designed to restore

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visits to the Philippines during the nineteenth cen

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nicotine. This local nervous system no doubt also resides in Auerbach s

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portion who are absolutely sterile will depend upon

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Glasses not procured. Treated by arsenic and tonics

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reported on recommended doses but use caution in administering

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entered for the purpose of exploring. The dura was incised allowing some

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found himself going back to the sphygmograph to learn

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into rabbits and apes. There was nothing learned here

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pression of a general condition is not at all clear.

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Canada in he commenced practice with Dr. Arnoldi of

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Stockholm schools. In the first schools six to seven years of age



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