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tip of the finger into the external meatus. The mucous membrane of the
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Eome other alkaloids we may obtain some useful characteristics
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which lines the abdomen and the mucous membrane within the uterus
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quently vomiting and the skin was peeling in large flakes
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invaded and contain stomach contents. Tillmann collected such cases
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two operations he had had but one death from nephro
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rather fretful and had not taken the breast well. There had been
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may be prevented by cceliotomy irrigation and drainage it is practically
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parietes are endeavouring to expand them that the air is
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because in the beginning he seems to feel less interest in his
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Whan a pessary already worn its name size and result
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in. advantages t being under the control of the opera
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fracture State two surgical procedures for its correc
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inulin raffinose and erythrol all the strains of Bact. sanguinarium
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personal experiences of the late epidemic which he had
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calculated from the amount of ammonium sulphate formed.
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science. To him the contact with suppurating matter
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are following His. The result has been the greatest confusion.
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interested dermatologists and neurologists alike and
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The affected cells disappear later by autolysis meno
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the forehead and the shrivelled hands and feet the hands looking as if
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pertaining to them but more especially must it consider the
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drain to an indefinite extent on the upper side. Hence wells
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with the people of nearly the whole State such popular sentiments what
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to the diagnosis and an exploratory puncture showed thick
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osity and philanthropic spirit a stranger with a broken leg on our



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