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ter of prophylaxis when he states that the prevention and control of
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indicate its use. The technique which they had used
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the miners was an old man. There were other causes also
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near them he is however able to speak without discomfort but
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death results apparently from abdominal shock. When
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or not halts without a command when the attendant leading
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circle of inquiry which is here delineated and which may furnish
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cularis vagi there arise from the motor part of the facial nerve
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at fourteen the girls are sent out to domestic service
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secure the passage of a bill for the establishment of a
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tions of the mucous membrane stomatitis and also pharyn
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the contrary that the deterioration of health wrought
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and the type is beautifully clear and easy to read. We look
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applied. Antityphoid vaccines had had little or nothing
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and the storage of the excess calories could easily be accounted for.
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the dressing and examining the limb there was complete
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fights. In such contests it was difficult if not impossible
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two diseases was recognised in its practical bearings.
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Before concluding something should be said about the laxative quaU
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and somewhat fibrous appearance these gave the same re
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reasons one recognizes that the child in utero has a
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them lymphoid and plasma cells. These often extend in streaks along the interlobular
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more common. It causes the death of John of Gaunt in
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ether. It is quite possible I failed to give sufficient at the
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from enlarged prostatic tumors stricture jihimosia and paraly of the
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the cornea and the iris than betwetn that and the cry
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since an operator on the board of trade who says now that
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condition of acute ecchymotic skin reaction may be found
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large arteries are torn asunder. Whole limbs are occasionally torn
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the entrance of air. In my own practice violent vomiting has been an
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tiny vessels and an occasional bacillus in the lumen fig. a. More bacilli
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membrane from which secretes or exhales a thin watery fluid called
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does not seem to be in the slightest degree impaired appetite
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