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patient to my pupils he was almost free from oedema without

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limbs and trunk and desquamates. This eruption not only appears at the

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dary tumor the size of an almond was found attached

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favoured with the following communication by Dr. Pancoast

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stance anything in the lungs to explain the occurrence of

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jority of reported cases have to be disregarded because

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diagnosis of carcinomatous ulcer can be made if a tumor can be

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thoroughly washed out. Bi carb. soda was given freely and during

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within even a day. In some instances the suffocative

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Treatmenl. It is useless to waste much space in dis

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from that of a mild degree duration less than one day to that

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large portion of the community Medical men were the

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destroyed and the tuberculous products may either be absorbed or calcifica

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ounces fennel seed ounces orange peel ounces acetate of

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ral health is re established whilst in ivne amevorrhoia suppj essionis ihe

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pools keep the cows away from the water by fencing it off.

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to a vast extent during the last few months so as to prevent

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TINE and have ordered it frequently in cases of Dyspepsia

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salicylate is insoluble a suspension was made in sterile paraffin oil and an

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temperature of about eighty degrees. The temperature out of

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whole of her illness clean and moist Again when the perfo

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but little the small ones may be greatly enlarged. Just beneath

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mittee of inquiry into the cholera has been lately sitting in Berlin its

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ivy this year in my keen interest in the art of catching

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less suspended on these bones in the monkeys which ordinarily

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priate table the genitalia are thoroughly cleansed and a

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hours before admission during the latter period of which

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from numerous observations that it was a primary alteration

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It was his opinion that a tuberculous knee did not make



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