Is this your first FantasyCon? Or maybe your first convention ever? Worried that you don’t know anybody? Or perhaps there is somebody you’ve always wanted to meet, but have never managed to screw up the courage to introduce yourself . . .?

Well, we’re here to help. After all, FantasyCon does not have a reputation as one of the friendliest of conventions for nothing.

If you’re a FantasyCon “newbie” – or just a bit shy at these kinds of events – then you can contact Di Lewis at:

Di is a veteran of FantasyCon and is as friendly and helpful as you could wish for. She will help get you started on e-mail or the BFS Forum (, so that by the time you arrive in Brighton you will already feel like an experienced convention-goer.

Over the weekend itself we will have a reserved area in the bar where you can relax and meet other newcomers whenever you want to, and Di and Martin Roberts will be there to show you around and introduce you to other FantasyCon attendees, both old and new.

So there’s no need to feel left out or ignored. Contact Di now and become one of the FantasyCon “family”, and then perhaps one day it will be you making people feel welcome at their very first FantasyCon . . .





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