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a small chondroid mass situated near the right sterno

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adyanced changes are found most commonly at the apices and free margins

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there are usually spontaneous hemorrhages and local pain in attendance

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pericardial sac and was the immediate cause of death.

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to group them with any attempt at systematic arrangement.

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light upon a person s life probabilities they also lead

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Sir Shirley P..Murphy believes that much of the well

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is materially assisted by its combination with an alkaline diuretic such as

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the tissues lying between the gaping bones had given way in

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should carefully command his countenance and abstain from

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off and finally to a great degree obliterated. Still

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the hamstring tendons and the bones iu front into the

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ing such cases as occur in his practice for the benctit

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newly born. The first milk or colostrum from the mother s breast generally

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tained in the laboratory are in direct confirmation

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the contrary can be found. Inebriety is a disease of degeneration

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new theory has l een advanced and no especial hobbv

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cases of puerperal pyemia with ulcerative endocarditis are those that are

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fest themselves usually on the tonsils.. The similarity

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rate by. per cent over that of the previous year. Previously strych

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this sulaject states positively that neither in respect of

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efficient than strychnine arsenic codliver oil phosphorus and the vegetable

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no cognisance at all when he first entered on his profession as a

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with old people Arsenicum is often beneficial. It is well to drink

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sex should include studies of graver interest and not be exclusively

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characterized by irritation of the bronchia inordinate pituitary

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that have actuated the foundation of this Association. Now the

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lesion in the lungs or tlie lesion has given rise to the

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the county and district inspectors trace out forms of reports

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be carried out in tliose cases which are similar to diabetes but

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of Cape Colony. Correspondence with Petrusville was

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ipinal meningitis and myelitis. These diseases are excluded by the sudden

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productive of much greater good in the aggregate than when

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clear so far as many diseases were concerned the means



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