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accurateobservation he is constantly being tempted to undertake the work
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pitals with the request that their reports anfl recom
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about fifteen thousand cubic miles however it is not only
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attempted to sununarize some of tlie views recently advanced con
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in the character and amount of food taken more will be done
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thought that after about six years more of care the
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order to compass these primary objects a systematic
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doubted that in this case the introduction of the streptococci occurred
its spread demands isolation and quarantine as in case of
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Bachelor of Medicine M.B. First Examination Monday July
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and defended at a public examination in the philosophy chamber
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be instantly followed by a severe paroxysm. Death usually takes
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Flimdy near Cockermouth deserves to be immortalised as the dirtiest
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laws of that State he told of the hospital plans they had
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conductor and sparks were applied to the spinal columned the



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