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able from it may be likewise thus produced. Of course the cases
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country. It will be published quarterly by Shaw amp
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the limb that he was confined to bed with it and could not
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throws no light on the etiology of the disease. The clin
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than the latter for the use of persons afflicted with dyspepsia.
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from the superior veterinary German schools which inscriptions
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myself to mentioning their effects in venereal disorders. To
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lupus erythematosis Waldenstrom s macroglobulinemia and hyperlipopro
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The liver was about normal in size fatty bile stained and
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ment. There is a third possibility namely that infecting
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of something rushing into the head fainting with tingling.
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Phelps Doctor Zay. It is a great pleasure to welcome
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tory of strain or injury Slough of Gastrocnemius Muscle following inflamma
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clinical syndrome as The Cardiovascular Disease just
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however rarely intense. It is rather a continued oppression than
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In many tropical countries this does not suffice unless
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more symijatliy for his employer than for the company.
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of and in the minority of serious cases but one third
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French Association for the Advancement of Science Bouchard Arch. G n.
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to preserve it will on the one hand avoid assuming themselves to
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May. Below we present a letter from the able Secretary Dr. Steele
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products of advanced study programs at the School and largely a matter of
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in which they are fjrowinw. It is uncertain if they ultimately
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concretely and physiologically expressed by Cajal s concept of avalanche
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of muscles or tendons or of stripping of periosteum the
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The reason why the sensory fibres usually escape and why the pro
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cranial nerves particularly the fifth and eighth pairs are of
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cases which was very interesting with congestion of
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ponderance of cellular elements is the peculiar feat
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blue mass are also valuable. The method of depletion advocated by Hay
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There is in reality no resemblance between a paroxysm of inter
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tuation will be detected and occasionally the peculiar hydatid thrill upon
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communicated may under other circumstances acquire that capa
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