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Fracture of the acromion process ; acute and chronic arthritis ;

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the cases clearly pointed to the fact that it had very little influence

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clozapine (clozaril fazaclo odt)

course, only as long as it is administered ; but under its use the

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a;iven sum of money for any number of years, months or

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beyond the limits of this quarter, particularly upward ;

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burial. Her weight at birth was 25 pounds, and her mother died

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before have symptoms arisen that were suggestive even of the idea of a similar unfavour-

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ment. Mr. Pollock has never once in his large experience had

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or ascites was present are so few that it would be rash to

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following morning, and I strongly suggested to the patient that he

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any of the larger joints ; the presence of pulmonary disease or organic disease of

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year a copy of the Code of Ethics and our Constitution and By-laws be printed

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taneouB that no extravasation of blood is hkely to result

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department of our hospitals. For such uses it is very valuable :

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1967. Haines, Keith E., 300 S. Broadway, Camden, N.J. (08103)

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joint. This tendency to chronicity and recurrence suggests the necessity of

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though hard to be put in words, tells an "o'er true tale."

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ern science, has created a demand for medical litera-

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plications for a limited num.ber of private > judgment of the court, the said habitual

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scattered small patches of epithelial cells, some of

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united at the time of synapsis. These he speaks of as the idio-

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daughter fancies a third. But the physician has reason

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5. Ognibene AJ, Thomas E: Fatal infection due to Chromobae-

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. during the first century and more after its occupation without having left

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William Thomas Belfield, M.D., Professor of Surgery (Genito-urinary) .

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and intensity of their toxins, the greater the damage already inflicted by the

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contraction, is well illustrated by mitral stenosis. This form of rheumatism

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which later experience inevitably fosters in the Army, and, as

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cumstances remain so without direct mechanical support ? Very

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below the zone of active oxidation and hence may contaminate

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onset of an attack of pertussis, of which we had already several

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with the general improvement. The urine shows no appreciable modifica-

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was better for a time, but in June, 1911, he complained of pain in the

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help to give the Medical Department of the Army the standing

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the culture to a temperature of 45° C. for two days, and a stronger

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twice daily with these. I may mention that previously it had been

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flattering to that much-lauded innovation. He says: " As the silver

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which the supply of trained nurses can be so increased



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