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occasionally seen on the membrana tymi>ani, which ap2>ear, at fiurst
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lated hernia in cases of undescended testicle may be hidden in the
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of the urethra, one portion of the canal behind the
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ful disposition of the patient. 2. Her age, twenty-nine years. 3.
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of myositis ossificans. In all of them the production
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diseased, not fit for business, poor, a burthen to themselves and
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Treatment. The present mortiility from malignant esophageal
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lapped on to each other about one-quarter inch, as in Fig.
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and insisting that the general law of drug action should be
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the air-passages was found. As regards diagnosis, tlie respiratory excursions of
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Clellan, Amos Twitchell, Abiel Pierson, G. C. Shattuck, Archibald Welch, and very
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anxiety, that I, in former times, felt in cases of laryn-
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In explanation, however, it may be said, first, that
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necessary for the cure of the changes consecutive to
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sistent neuralgias of malarial origin indicated a ten-
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marked improvement has taken place, and as the case progresses
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ness and vigilant isolation than in the city of Ham-
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will become very much worse." — T. L. Brunton, M.D., F.R.S. (ibid.)
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trol of the disease. The ordinary means for alleviating the suffering of
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in the alkali reserve and by a decrease in the tension of alveolar air
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a little later that we have only diminished the power so
of satisfactory vaccination against smallpox. The University seeks to maintain the best
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clearness of expression made him preeminently a leader in
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intended to produce or increase posterior obliquity of the
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by ulcer, gall-bladder disease, or chronic appendicitis. Verj'
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As to the presence of gastrectasis. (2) If present, as to its nature, i. e.,
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Note. — Most of the so-called Olive Oil on the market is Cotton-Seed
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diuretic, and this had again increased in quantity since a return
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Grawitz states that it may be temporarily lessened by administering
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Ala., was killed. Two of the patients were killed also.
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rations do not last more than 3 or 4 seconds at most. The time,
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may be observed, namely, their contraction, and the gradual
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of his horse, so is a major, but the commanding officer
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lage of Greenfield, near Flatbush, Kings County, N. Y.
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and pharyngeal cavities; the infarcts that result sometimes from the
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observations made by the author, and we do not know of any treatise
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between the fortieth and fiftieth years. Sometimes, however, the
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other words, it is probable that in a certain proportion of the cases in
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second stage of labour, to show that the same conclusion may



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