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another year of consideration of this subject can be had with
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with more certainty than other remedies yet it presents certain dangers to
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meeting. It is held this year at York the last meet
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chief features are the constant accumulation of mucus in the throat the
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There was coincident paralysis of the left facialis. Ex
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combined with other prophylactic measures killing animals affected with
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same purpose. The solution is then standardized against the
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After discussion by Drs. Gillen Chrysler and Patek a committee was
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nearly double. This would form a heavy tax on the poorer students
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and jialtry closeness provision is made in cases where
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upon the lower part of the uterus which one would suppose
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infected directly or indirectly by them the country can be
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some light on this question I take occasion to report a few cases.
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appropriate size is laid on the chest and these various
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Whether this result is owing to non union or adhesions at
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that time was suddenly as by a flash of lightning bright
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in the left temporo sphenoidal lobe and pyaemic abscesses in the lungs.
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doubtful whether these attacks are caused by the acute oral catarrh
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proteins and carbohydrates. The grouping of blood donors
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vous centres of organic life exercise no primary function
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clusion it may be stated that the woman never suspected that
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think this was true. He believed the best position is of
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has been heallhy to our constitutions. Cheers. However that may be
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riod during which it has become necessary to confine patients
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fct prevented from falling into a premature grave and
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upwards of two years Mr. C. has felt pain after every evacu
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The Physician Mot Responsible for Notification of Birth.
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ments. It seems probable that such lesions might facilitate
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le plus fac tieux de noire vieux theatre. Sans donner ici de
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lady and three children with servants in all amounting to



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