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with pleurisy and septic condition of the blood five whole days and

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diseases due to cerebral insufficiency. It is char

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called collectively the cerebro spinal center or axis.

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Merfenmis after feveral trials made to meafure it defines to be about

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place during metamorphosis from pupa to imago. The bacteria in the

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calculus in the kidney or un lei dues tid arise but cath

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to adopt the old practice of leaving the stumps of the pedicles

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and constipation. Duration of the disease is from seven to ten

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whicli are brought forward in support of the mechani

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The drug does not seem to have any influence on gen

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and may be compared with the wall paintings of Pom

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as I stated in the paper the beginning of the symptoms.

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XK n A This movement inaugurated by the Illinois State

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this hopeless condition we were able to prolong life for

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scattered foci of round celled infiltration about the

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soon as the laryngeal stenosis is removed there is no longer anv call

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bare over the extent of the abscess cavity. When the

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Mrs. M. age twenty two of light complexion and quite tall not

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and dry and may present sudamina and even it is said a pustular

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Specimen. This showed thickening of the caecal wall but on

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will doubtless be found in other parts of the Archipelago.

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can only be recognized microscopically to being so great that there

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to Pharmacy General Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Remedial Agents not

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frog an arrangement obviously intended to admit of the dis

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ment of the General Government has enabled Surgeon

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nerves. The speaker thought the long continued opera

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The definition given by Muir and Richie of anaphylaxis

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from Crocodilia not only by having a row of teeth on the

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alveoli filled with lymphoid cells of uniform size enclosed by

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