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procedure. Except for a slight tear of the perineum made during

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itly the paralysis does not affect all the muscles of the extremities

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of administering artificial respiration immediately upon the first signs of

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lumbar puncture fluid. The Gram negative organisms

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Rosenheim has recommended the gastric douche in this condition while

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tion conducted by Mohamedans in Constantinople. The English

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larger than natural its left lobe which lay between the diaphragm

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been held by many recognized authorities. Thus Squire

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cases terminated fatally even though many appeared to

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institution if it is to exist at all. Efficient medical

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sued therefor. The deceased left a very large estate

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Probably no other person of our time engaged in the study of mental

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of King s College. No comment was necessary on his part

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trical treatment. I have often seen improvement start at once

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tjTnpanic nerve and an abundant secretion was immediately

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These Regulations shall not interfere with the power of



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