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sented. The child is listless somewhat depressed nervous with some

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Opium one grain twice a day for years together. See the pre

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self thinks. His second part is a description of the Germ

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the sound elicited was clear from the clavicle to the nipple but in

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as the basis of its action. Finally the recent dispen

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the bowel. Probably also there is degeneration of the involuntary mus

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whole terminology of medicine. The six thousand subjects and terms added to the

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moved by the medicine a dose to be given every four hours until

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Jones announces that the Liverpool Tropical School is

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bleeding leeching scarifications purgatives mercury and tartar

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large portion of the community Medical men were the

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The use of medicine in the novels of Charles Dickens

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or two time was allowed for absorption. Again when the glottis

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The greater part of the following obituary notice appeared

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piration were making a mighty effort to ring oxygen to the blood.

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ty years will enalile it to pay the amount for which

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diminished the width of the wound. The usual antiseptic

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lows as a rule a stronger stimulation. Reid Hunt pointed out

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ditions and including neither children nor the very acute cases

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of conjunctiva Examination of eyes by oculist Rest of the

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the object the covered right eye making an associated inward

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Dr. Davy tells us in his preface that it was his intention to

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tis one chronic rheumatism one tubercular syphilis

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unfavourable. It is an old building with ill constructed and

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evident that in most cases it only soothes the passage to

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stances which contribute to the establisliment of acid con

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istration of thyroid extract in every case of recurrent or in

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severe abdominal pain. He was purged three or four times

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prolonged above the umbilicus being at least seven inches in length.

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alcoholic mother provide a good soil for the tic There

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verted by previous disease that their contact occasions

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This more bureaucratic technocratic culture has direct consequences as to how money

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ani. The evidence for this explanation depends on the observation that



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