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inherent power of the glandular organ is promoted by the slight motion

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which its selection as a medicinal agent will depend. It is

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ner and Emmerich the bacillus produces nitrous acid in material containing nitrates

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extent and when arising what has escaped flows from the nostril.

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Bilateral hilar and right paratracheal lymph node enlarge

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xv No. has written concerning the coryza of infants at the breast

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and prominent. The mucosa shows some deep ragged ulcers with

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itself. Everything in the shape of garbage that will burn in the

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the vertebrals pass into the spinal canal inosculate pro

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negative inotropic effect The resultant increases in coronary blood

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ral and comprehensive view. By reference to those authors it will also be

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dition. Bed sores are quite unknown. Previously existing bronchitis

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No parent guardian or other person having the custody of

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approach of the next attack. Formerly he could con

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conditions often dependent upon gastric ulcer or some other organic

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a second or third rate London Hospital and that the country

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lady and her offspring inhabited separate apartments in the dorni

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It sometimes happens that typhoid fever in its incipiency is mixed

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uterine fcetation. The patient aged twenty nine was

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the case. During this twenty years only ten patients

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splendid exceptions have continued fiom that day to the pre

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treatment is attempted and it must be remembered that in some

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August with reference to this disease in this it is ordained that every

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allowed the stimulus went beyond the kidney and exerted

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The uterus was then dropped into the peritoneal cavity and the

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senile dementia from puerperal eclampsia til from chom

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odor. The cavity was now thoroughly irrigated with solution of bichloride

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on the tendon over the knife with the thumb of the left hand



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