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been expected from the appeaiance of the anterior parts but the main
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described above on the cold blooded heart page. Stimulation of the
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cured with fine catgut and commonly the vessels are tied
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angle formed by tlie bifurcation of large branches of
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crude antimony though the fublimate obtained by the firft operation
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lows as a rule a stronger stimulation. Reid Hunt pointed out
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provided with rooms and commons free of expense. House Physicians
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excited the Bpecial Bcorn of the early satirical writers
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found in pure culture in the gastro intestinal tract of the fetus.
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The general principles of the diet of elderly persons
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under an ailhma which ceafed on her being afflicled with pain
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cured when after a fright the pains returned again exactly in the
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and the rigid condition of the abdomen gave way. For
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of artificial nourishment with the milk of animals.
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exposition. With it all the audience was determined to be
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taken for a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone. The
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not based on such large numbers of cases as the earlier reporters claimed
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Tabes dorsalis may be simulated somewhat by the flaccid stage. The
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surgeons have gone through a laborious apprenticeship in ana
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tremity of the four legs and also around the lips and nostrils. The
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biological characteristics. Cultures of the bacilli may be subjected
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charges doses of from five to ten minims of tincture
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ters of school hygiene than physicians yet none has been
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morning has been recommended. The course should follow ascending
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degeneration is a diagnostic feature. This occurs too early
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senting many excellent features are not entirely without
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be thoroughly cauterised even when the latter is adherent to the
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affections supervene upon the pure disease they may become
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typhoid bacillus was again found abundantly present in the fasces and
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cerebral matter anaemic but such is not the case in infants
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of an heir to a title. He had been carefully examined
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students in exclusive systems of medicines is to violate the spirit



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