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consisted in amputating the thigh through its middle third in the usual
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handles not in order to hold the head but to prevent
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and the wound closed with three catgut sutures. The
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patients are admissible who have been discharged as in
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istration of meat to dogs was greater in the second
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tion of the body is feeble tubercles are always ready to form and
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tions of the cord corresponding to the fourth lumbar nerve
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In the institution in Mobile with which I am connected the
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the natural passages by simply making crucial incisions
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Final examination fees at end of fourth year certifi
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therefore embraced that cliannel of laying my observations
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when the air tubes sympathized with the tubercular irrita
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up ill ventilated amp ctories of populous towns indeed there has yet
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infants of the first months showed a slight rise of antitoxin in their
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It is a matter of surprise in looking over cases of such
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symptoms are improved. The physical signs of solidifica
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expressed themselves as completely satisfied with them this type of prosthesis
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waters. Still further in locomotor ataxy there commonly are the
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provement had the power of perfect retention within a
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rnafs by the means of aliment as food drink and other flimuli.
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Cholera which in and the early months of the present
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a heart hcspital with very good results and were also
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there was no affection of the valves of the heart for
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disease existed only made him more anxious to use chloroform or
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poisons and therefore is a matter which properly demands a thorough
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pituitrin if necessary. Labour is almost always com
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arterial and or venous pressures. Since the changes
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Mr. S.vvoitv said all would agree that the hypodermic
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the other. Medicine has been from its very earliest founda
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critical and indicatory and into vacant and von decretory in which



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