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vocation is such that the patient has no incentive to physical

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W. GILL WYLIE I D Professor of Gynaecology Gynaecolo

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because he found himself getting worse and worse daily.

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rotic indigestion though most of the patients have come with the

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through the district where he is situated. The government recognizes

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some of the situations above mentioned was frequent

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concerning the disease and by enforcing antispitting regulations by

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jaw with inabUitj to open it stated that he felt this stifihess

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appearance certainly shocked me it was as follows An

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generation which few would be inclined to accept. For the

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obesit. Locally it is employed as a deodorizer in cancer

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In deep respirations and particularly deep expiration this tendency would be

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Everyone here has doubtless read some of the already

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for organization the work of the Convention would be

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new and striking means to please and stimulate the palate.

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carmine tinted were examined by the microscope and found to contain

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Dr. a. Lapthorx Smith of Montreal questioned whether

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has been stated that marked inflammatory reaction must be

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Fees. We charge ioo I down and the balance when cured.

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tract matrimony within the said term. At cards dice or any other

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or even provoke it in kidneys not previously so affected. The

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seen three cases of fracture of the carpal hones therefore

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tend to produce Uterine and Ovarian.disorders of various kinds.

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the management of acne syphilis psoriasis and urticaria.

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their people all reasonable regulations and conditions calculated to insure



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