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bottles with cork stoppers are kept in the ward. These have been

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tube with the micro gas lamp by a rubber hose. Open the stopcock

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worth all the money had expended in my journey. The mischievous

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attributes very considerable influence to the nature of the occu ja

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applied sanitary science contains some extremely in

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The Clinics This section provides a setting in which physicians are able

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tions. In a case reported by Cortellieri his patient

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soft tissues near the infra orbital foramen. Two weeks after

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eye is either myopic or hypermetropic. Indeed hyperme

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resident in Spain was called upon to open the body of a woman

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The other and more dangerous variety of the disease is attended

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There has been raised the question of whether or not

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artificially provoked by the sul gt cutaneous injec

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after labor. Recovery prompt and complete with the oxygen

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to establish that physical vigor upon which high productive

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more liable to derangement. Now if it be true as has

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on the whole leper houses were rather combinations of the

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short of their complete enucleation. Improvement of

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phene may impair the mental and or physical abilities

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and attendants at the quarantine hospitals at Gallop s

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the poison. Strychnine and atropine may be used to stimulate the

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portant and interesting part of the work. It seems as if that

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Ikin Mr. J L contribution to history of public medi

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same gentleman that gave me the fifty year old mead one made

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at is the gaftric juice of the calf which is employed to curdle

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in size and look like a mass of fatty granules to which

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August with reference to this disease in this it is ordained that every

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Sanity Commission. He was a member of the Bibb County

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of treatment. This should be clearly stated to patients in order to forestall

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ciated with convulsions is probably due to the deep an

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the pitfalls by the way his course will terminate in cerebral uraemia

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the stabling period namely about the month of February. Thirty

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depends upon a basis of inaccurate diagnosis. Vagi

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valve locally by carbonic acid injected per rectum or formed from

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sanatoriums the etiology of general paralysis and tabes the

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The dose should then be computed per gram of body weight.

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From this it had been assumed that the heart continues to

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aliy afforded him now little or no relief though taken to the

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The female genital organs very commonly give rise to chronic pevic

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not difficult to make out that it is not continuous

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of tubercular ulceration of the intestines showed small tubercular cavities in

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although it was temporarily weakened and quickened after

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posed being ineffective in sterilizing soils. British

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Certain patients in whom convalescence has apparently become estab

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dle of the first incision. The fistula healed throughout by first

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does not breathe deep fearing the pressure of the descending dia



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