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the affected hmb.s at rest. When the later stages of the case
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markable salubrity of Havana and to the non existence of
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pelvis and antero posterior qua the uterus are not synonymous terms.
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three per cent have heart lesions from ten to twenty
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mination of the H ion concentration of fluids. Suppose for example
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which we must still plead ignorance. There is still enough of uncertainty
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sources of error which occasion noticeable difference in small figures
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bro vnish diffuse pigmentation of the neck and temporal
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enjoy its benefits. Class A For a family consisting of not more
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with small blunt and curled points. It is an exoeUent medicine
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outer side of the foot as the patient comes forward in
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farm. The department purchased a farm of about acres located
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eral cheesy necrotic softening or even calcareous mavM or a u libr jut
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exudation of fibrin and the effusion of serous fluid into the pleural sac.
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mission. In the axilla the rales disappeared and there
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of the external ear as well as in advanced neoplasia
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tumours were discovered in the right cerebral hemisphere. One
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of artificial nourishment with the milk of animals.
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Of moderately thick uncovered German silver wire. The current
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After having described nephritis with enlarged kidneys I shall now give
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trituration the biniodide was ajjparently well dis
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where the cholera is so jjrevalent even in Lower Bengal where it is
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that this was a quotation from a report by one of those
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able from it may be likewise thus produced. Of course the cases
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may persist for a long period of time a fact of much
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of carcinoma of the pancreas first arose. The primary fo
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the diaphragm into the pulmonary organs in the manner in which hepatie
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more practical work for students as well as the teachers
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This experiment fhews that juice of crude grapes cannot conveniently



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