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into the forms which they should attain and upon the parts into which

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Anthony Hegar Asst. Surgeon under the provisions of


tion of perchloride of iron to the inner surface. The

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is liable to appear under similar circumstances. In fact if the in

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future page. Hirt s work is a standard and will remain such.

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infiltration of the pulmonary parenchyma following pleuro pneu

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ante mortem nature. Cause of death. Diffuse low perito

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Roentgen method they had a positive aid. This method

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treatment of each is diametrically opposed to the other

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mous both in reducing the temperature and in stimulating the

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largement in connection with the submaxillary where recovery

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can act directly as an exciting cause that it may predispose to

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without any source of irritation it may perhaps be regarded as an

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commonplace and the type of literature changed from articles

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the rapid and difBcult respiration with an extreme oppressive

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gen zu den Volkern Europas. Deutsche Landwirtschaftliche Presse Jahr

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water and seasoned with salt pepper or celery salt.

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are primarily too brief and should front the pictures

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jury who shall vend or sell any such drug nostrum or appliance or

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hours elapsed between the first f x ling of pain and a condition

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sore is a little thickened and inflamed. This is a simple venereal

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collecting eleven cases of congenital malaria which

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ones if against you. Experience teaches them how to legislate.

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tion and thus occasion distention of the lumen. This hardening and dis

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in which this sound was first elicited by a patient him

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treatment of malaria during this period as follows cold

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portant. Dr. Boldt stated that the pathologist s report



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