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digestive tract dangerous bacteria. Choice must therefore

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uses tubes introduced into the nostrils and pharynx and

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its introduction into this country who at a meeting

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contents subjected to abnormal pressure. In the chest lung capa

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Long continued obstruction produces dilatation of the ducts

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Communion as at that date there was no Presbyterian

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extremities proceeding from the morbid liver are considered

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bination with the coloring matter of the same the lime partly

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edition of An American Text Book of the Diseases of Children

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six ounces of whiskey daily to a child when one or two

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vocacy of vaccination as the preventive of small pox.

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officers and the place of holding the annual meetings to be deter

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affection. Disease of the ganglionic nervous system

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possible that the author has not had experience with this

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praises up Arsenic as an anticatarrhal polychrest. But it

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contents of the stomach do not escape into tlie peri

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the use of tonics and a full diet the bony repair pro

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Preparation. The compound was prepared by the method of

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ally elicits considerable pain. The prolapsed kidney

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metrical representations were largely dealt with in physiology

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whether they should be rubbed as Dieffenbach and others have advised

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sioners. The experience of the Spanish American war

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four weeks. Complications as measles small pox bronchitis pneu

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Anatomical diagnosis. General encephalitis of the whole cerebellum

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trenches rather than in the open field. The lesult of the explosion

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Grigoleit Alfred William A.B. Johns Hopkins University Maryland

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Separation through the ossifying Junction between the disc and the

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tuted ordinary care there was a failure of proof and

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neutral salt. thoroughly w.ished from all free acid does not

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his future speculations in political philosophy. The tran

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of aneurysm or of growths or strictures interfering

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Pahcharis de Bonnefons et des po sies originates qui respirent

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the presence of gall stones the removal of which source



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