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Dr. Pfalz s and is worth mentioning for the possible mistake of

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he had to examine an infant of a few months old which was

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itself as shown in the illustration. In close proximity to one another

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tion in which after the extraction of the child the uterus and ovaries

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absence of food. One way the Orientals have of punishing

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ing or rather had a remarkable short and catching inspiration.

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In addition to the above mentioned morphologic criteria which in

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were extremely mild. Once the chloral was omitted and the asthma

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twisting of tail then alternately raising and Lowering of tail as in

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and the other that the method of dressing employed by

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uncommon operation and the author has sought to confer the same benefits

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to induce a premature and unnecessary interference and

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administer brandy etc. ad lib. long before the surgeon

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these manifestations will not appear. It was held that

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ment of the ordinary construction thus situated for determin

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evident by conditions found in traumatic cases of Erb s par

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Philadelphia discussed the paper and dwelt upon the im

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From a male subject aged. Length of caecum J inches. Greatest diameter

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order to permit of a more easy study of the relationship of the

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realized in some degree or exceptional case of the for

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The general agreement of the saltpeter and dilution method i gt somewhat

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that standardization is often defective that its application in

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With adult males this is usually unnecessary. The glans penis is cleansed

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minutes. Cold water is then placed in the outer part of the boiler

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which could be proved by their examination tuberculosis

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punctate erythema very much like the eruption of scarlet fever but not

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epidermoid cells in various grades of transition. The cells are frequently found

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subsequent microscopical examination of the specimen by Dr. Vissman

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sugar free state the starchy matter contained in a thin water

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trate the surrounding tissues do not give rise to meta

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