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to result from a deficiency in or malformation of the
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patient. It is in some cases combined with dilatation and
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containing one ounce of bicarbonate of soda and three or
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Smallpox is for children one of the most contagious
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in such a solution was simple. It would seem that the
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operations by the direct method especially on children. It is ver
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Society shall review all questions of ethics and shall interpret
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differ only in their position being external in man and internal in woman.
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experimental evidence at hand to support it unconditionally although
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its remote baneful influences through generations are to be
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Iod. Potas. as it does not cause the cramps in stomach
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to mechanical irritation as by a foreign body or dis
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inches long perfectly straight separate from one anoth
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become active under the most favorable conditions of
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Pig also of litter No. which received virus only died
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tibia. The leg was placed in a Maclntyre and a pad put over
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of practising in Niagara District as that is given as his place
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simplification. This at first may appear to be more
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an effect. According to Heidenhain a free organic acid is secreted
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those of quadrupeds and move round to the amp ont afterwards.
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a girl suffering from amenorrhoea had an operation for imperforate
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complete data could be obtained statistical inferences must be judged in the
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intravenous inoculation the animal was well a blood culture was negative and
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It is advantageous to unite small doses of colchicum to the quinine
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and compassing through violence and fraud practised from
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often rapidly jiromoted though its irritating effect to
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gation leave no doubt as to its identity. He calls it tussis puerorum
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Pathological Anatomy. The coloration has almost disappeared from
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wombs will remain in proper shape when restored once or more than
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stage is the bringing of another dog into its presence which is
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yet. All the typhoid fever patients with one exception
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enough and sufficiently prolonged. It is not difficult to
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ment of all bacterial infections is the production of
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Science Monthly entitled Cross Education. In it he discusses an
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Sept.. The mercury was deprelfed to fifty eight inches and fome of



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