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required very little support. If the patient were studied

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num may be adth d in extreme cases as directed above.

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are not of any special value. The treatment of intercurrent pericarditis

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conditions. It also made recommendations concerning the rela

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experience has been insufficient to establish safety

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dispensary system does away with all chance of native practice which be

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susceptible to the influence of the virulent element already

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ceptions taken from sources lamentably liable to sewage

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bile duct has been done and conditions found there

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tral lacteal tube with open extremities the walls of such tube being

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wounds of the cartilage covering the condyles of the femurs.

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sewage as speedily as possible with the least nuisance to the smallest

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dymitis or orchitis. It appears highly improbable that the

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ous exposure in an infected environment move into a

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derstood that a few patients would get well without any

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alive and what was not. There is a large and probably growing class

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is liable to occur without as well as with an attack of angina.

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This seems at first sight a strange way of treating a blood

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which the same therapeutic effects cannot be obtained.

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dred dollars induces the deplorable condition where the urine and

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suddenly becomes incapable of closing the features are dis

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made with it and the diagrams of the various diseases.

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tenance of the integrity of the metabolic processes in

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in orthopaedic surgery by Dr. Voshell chief of the orthopaedic service of this

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A second example of the application of these results

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should regard it as one of the most dangerous and uniform

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she supposed from a complication of ills which invade every pari of

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every year. Sir Victor afterward wrote to the Times

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till it may become as complete as previously. Therefore even the

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not with the state of the nervous system but Avith the pneumonic

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might be used or gauze introduced for causing dilatation.

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midst of their family sick with scarlatina which had attacked all

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and became dark in color. Nutritive enemata and quinin

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cases in the Dairy Show barn and feeder section of the Chicago



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