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tral lacteal tube with open extremities the walls of such tube being
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and feces were voided in bed a number of times apparently without the
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function a number of collaterals which would be saved by the
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pronounced symptoms that characterize the present at
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their obscene advertisements and Ij ing statements broadcast
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Radium Therapy in Gynecology. Paul Petit sa gt lt that
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symptoms ami therapeutical applications. Dyspepsia may
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found upon all the five continents of the globe. Epidemics of this
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great coldnefs that hyfterical women complain of in their head and
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with difficulty. The intelligence tired very rapidly after
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public amusement we are stifled by the heat poisoned by car
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expected to end with reference to communications with patients and their
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to lessen shock. The normal salt solution should be injected
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other from July to July. The only clinical data available state that
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indicates the degree of mastication or rumination to whirV
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head and tapers downward to blend with a small unifonn pro
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the sound or the flexion was or more under anesthesia
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It is barely possible that had I realized sooner the danger
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those grave cases where embolic plugging occurs. All three of the above
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that during the normal atrophic changes in the uterus
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stated that the colon bacillus was found in such a large
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an irregularity on the inside of the boot or from the
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realizing what little we all know about cancer and the possibilities of
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could the predisposition be overcome One should begin
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ration of the fluid from the protruded intestine by
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The medical staff would at first sight present some
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was elastic like caoutchouc the nerve tubes in the white
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disguistd and cessation from work is only pleasurable when it
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totally unable to co ordinate his voluntary movements fre
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justified in assuming that the cure is largely due to the
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The hospital is situated opposite the medical school buildings
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Dr. Yemans reported a case of remittent fever where the tem
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Transferred from Whipple Barracks to Fort Apache A. T. J
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any hemorrhage. The clamp is now partly opened withdrawn and the
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the dairy farm and dairy. Certified milk should not contain more than
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