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in a Translation of all his Communications on the Subject,
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vocation, a minister of the Gospel. But he seemed to have an unconquerable desire to study
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Chicken 18, White Leghorn, brought alive Apr. 18, 1917. Said to have been
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or altogether demoralised. A crusade in favour of strict temper-
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London the public schools have a superintendent of physical education appoint-
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At the expiration of six months, the rectal condition had
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Spokane Society of Internal Medicine. (509) 448-2513
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membrane of the gall-bladder will return to its normal con-
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has, in an interesting and painstaking manner, investigated the
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pressed in millimeters of mercury, is determined is: 100:760: :a:p, where
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refrain from calling 911. Indeed, family members are
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lowest power without much effect, and gradually drew out the
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object of eliminating error. The causes which may vitiate
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those of limited means bid fair to be moderately well provided for in
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French Revolution and played In the orchestra of a New York theater. After the fall of
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heaviest obstacles — the current of cattle traffic having
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coagulum, instantaneous fibrillation is the result. From these facts,
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ness on the back of it, with a marked prominence to-
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remembered that entrance to the pre-maternity ward is not given
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not actual triumph, of science over a false philan-
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F. M. BASSET, cor. Court and AtUntIc Sts., Brooklyn, N. Y.
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microscopic pathology, fibinolysin activity and gas transport.
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Case 2. — Female, age 16 years. Enteric fever September 10th, very severe
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thrombophlebitis and its treatment by novocain block of
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fi>Uowed by the more igno^pant class of the focidty,
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it occupies the entire volume of the nodules, and then
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benefits of respectability. Others helped. The noble
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The Editor, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 19 South 22nd Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103
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upon the pulmonary artery, we should obtain information vastly more
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this with the pia mater and arachnoid constitute the meninges or
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destroyed. By modifying the soil or preventing the ac-
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sumption. The food of young animals should have a high
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in the inguinal region is questionable, definite exercises should be



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