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showing a catarrhal state of the intestinal mucous membrane,

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morphine, or enernata of chloral, are the best measures to adopt when

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granulations with skin. The marginal skin advances as a

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vomica, etc. A single remedy deserves notice : it is the em-

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some other medical brother, presumably, one who had not

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erection, and pain in the testicles. On the tenth day there was established

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dozen cases of neuralgia of the sciatic nerve, all of which were

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Our cases definitively show that the colon is not necessai-y

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blanks are filled in with the name of the payee, his

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Brand b.ith in typhoid fever.] Med. Kec, N. Y., 1893,

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tion of a thin paste of finely powdered starch and hot

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of the albumin necessary can be given as somatose. Those peptones

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no power of thus discharging the proximate causes of disease. It is

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rett and Surgeon-Major H. R. Abbott; in Quebec, Surgeon-

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of grey, as before. The puffing-up of the face, and the oede-

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spatulae, and the heads of the bones were sawed off with a fine

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one definite form was used. It would be well could we have a.

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having between them many traits of resemblance, certain au-

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generally made most free with. The good and toug"hoof

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;,,,„.a o, heatmu the ho,,le ,- >on-,an.K and Molentlv >haken. llK'

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to erect sanatoria for consumptives in the Fort Stanton

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doubt one of the best upon the triple subject that has ever been

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lialt., 1899-1900, xvii, 281-286.— Conarel (T. E.) The de-

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film (running time 31 minutes). This film, “Diag-

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diseases, that the first cases of every epidemic are

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Test meal : Volume 22 c.c, contains no blood, but much undigested

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each case with especial regard to the diagnosis ; finally, a

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" Mercury we know thee: But we are afraid thou wilt

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and excretion of calcium salts, one ought to draw a distinction



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