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ized abscess formation general peritonitis or retro peritonseal perforation.
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partially extracted with the other ingredients of opium. When
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We formerly obferv d that congelation commonly Ipoils or irnpau s
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become chronic in the Indian service and that time alone
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of sulphate of magnesia and sulphate of iron was prescribed also a
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the interest of his report of the case and reflects credit
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depth in the uterine wall of some of the fibroids and
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increase in the severity of the.symjitoms from that time to the day of
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cholera the spleen is firm and somewhat diminished in size probably
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mens. Dujardiu Beaumetz adopted this mode of treatment in delirium tre
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elevations or in combs. The composition of the crust varies. It
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ueck and their actiou is in moving the head and jaws.
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and they become susceptible but a large percentage of adults are im
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physicians regard the dietetic treatment as the only
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cases the linea alba becomes pale or there may be splotches of yellow
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and splenic derangement and portal congestion are liable to be
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Fig. in which there has been a rupture of the prepuce
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of the Cardiac End of the Stomach Treated by Gradual
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the paroxysm varies according to the type. For the quotidian it is
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This sporothrix seems to be a different species from the
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equivalent attacks is far more difficult to influence by treatment or to cure
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the disease delirium is present in some cases while in others a deep
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dix but as soon as she recovered from the acute attack
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It was necessary to establish criteria for movement of Medical Department
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also willing to send copies to the professional friends of
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were then cleansed with i weak carbolic solution. The
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the excision of an osseous tumor of the superior maxilla.
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ment. The cases are almost entirely medical the only
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ination of the greatly emaciated animals reveals the accumula
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er s jiulling ouf a stump by attaching many horses at
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throws no light on the time at which this perforation could have
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who was painted by a quite insignificant painter named Robert S treeter.
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alarming nature will arise the countenance will assume a
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back pressing the fingers between the short ribs and the ilium the



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