Thermofit Fat Fighters


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use of several modern instruments for examining the eye.
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were some palpable glands in the cervical region. The tonsils were
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This volume on Physiological Chemistry forms a useful
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mination of the H ion concentration of fluids. Suppose for example
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annual meeting of the American Academy of Railway Surgeons
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Dose Four pills in a teaspoonful of water night and morning until
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and proper food hasten the shedding of the hair contrary con
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ium of an infectious character or that due to bad action
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of Ova. Rarer Intestinal Parasites Distomum heterophyes D.
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branches of the temporalis superficialis and frontalis.
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was restless and sleepless. She was treated with saline
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a thorough primary disinfection and drainage we can
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the conduct of any serious case of illness. Who would prac
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us to pronounce with Dr. Gerhard that follicular lesion belongs solely to
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treme dullness rapid emaciation continuous or remittent but
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means of antiseptic drugs serum therapy and organo therapy
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for some weeks he still continued his work that of a dock
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approach of winter. In one place a nodule had broken down leaving
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that he be clothed with authority and definite orders.
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land on which the sheep are fed may be sufficiently
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