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tending throughout two days. We have examined nine
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willing but anxious to supplement it byan expressionof sincere regret and
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oretically was to put the bones at rest and to protect
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scribes a familiar apparatus for the continuous siphou
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tempt such treatment was contrary to surgical principles.
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One of the most impressive and rare complications of la
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many ophthalmic diseases and to show that while investigating the
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on the eradication of the Texas tick and Texas fever in Mon
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mesmerism the eflects of the imagination etc. and especially of one as
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It is known to all that such institutions cannot be carried
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Dr F. W. N Haultain congratulated Dr Webster on the pains
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danger which pertains to the glycerin dilution method and resting
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like thofe of vegetables. Thefe experiments have been repeated to great advantage
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In my present series consisting of over cases cases are
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council refuse to register qualifications granted on these
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tion of medicaments in preference to dro ping solu
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The state of the reflexes was not constant as a rule
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causing a lateral impaction preventing free drainage.
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Dr. Theisen said that before using the serum he al
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out than usual keeping it level nith the mouth that
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Steerage p rac titioner the master shall exact obedience to all
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Milk Streptococci Grouped in Classes According to the Number of Substances Fermented.
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lines in eight chapters. The second part on materia
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Notwithstanding Mr Scot Skirving s remarks regarding the
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such cases Brewer would lay down no general rules of
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The muscle of the abdomen is also very rigid over the appendix
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to Dr. Mauerman and found to be actinomycosis on microscopical exam
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wall of the sucker is greatly thickened near its base fig.. This



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