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whose body is of a deep blue or purple color. It is

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tliat to them recovery becomes a thing scarcely to be desired inasmucli


far reaching in its ultimate effects upon the population.

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doubt served as seed thoughts to his fertile imagination

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occurs. The arm amputations are particularly exercised in

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started for Vincennes. Clark had given to Lafonte the following letter

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Chart is peculiarly instructive. The case was that of an

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for three weeks. Nothing serious however seems to have

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draw up a set of formulas for remedies calculated to

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the bacteriological demonstration of bipolar ovoid bacteria or

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growths he concludes this part of the subject with the follow

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tissues which ultimately interfered with the healing of

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following memoranda a niche in your weekly publication.

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Remittances should be made by money order draft or registered

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deteriorated and changed in character that the animal s

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and covered with a thin layer of greenish lymph. The gall bladder and

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attitude it were the less surprising but unfortunately

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bacillus is chiefly of diagnostic value. Opinions differ as to the prognostic

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When such working conditions are repeated day by day the appetite

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