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3. Sensory (violent headaches, attacks of numbness in
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after suturing a small tear in the peritoneum of the caecum, the
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hemorrhage so obviously from the structure of the cervix
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through cutaneous areas, the loss of heat by radiation and
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per day, we shall determine that the financial loss to the common-
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ommended. But to quote a recent writer : " The mist has cleared away,
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pinched face, small, frequent and thready pulse. An explora-
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List No. 2 is furnished in gummed sheets, for use on your mailer, and will be
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preservation. The brain of many reptiles, especially that of the most highly
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one who had so many admirable qualites it is only because
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able to keep his brain clear, he is certainly compensating against low-
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symptoms which have led him to recognize or to suspect chronic pneu-
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which, -when drawn into view, had no resemblance to a human sto-
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abdominal paracentesis for the removal of ascitic fluid twice in the previous year.
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symptoms occur most commonly among patients in those ranks of
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being shot upwards at the time of systole, as in the upper tracing, is drawn
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present article we are chiefly interested in the secondary variety.



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