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Grow to develop an appropriate medical service for support of the
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strongly believed that it was a petrified eye and so
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Lecturer on Orthopaedic Surgery at the Woman s Medical
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suffered more or less from scrofulous diseases of the joints and
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adversary but slinks out of the race where that immortal
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ments. The prominent exponents of the French school following the
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rferenre to determining the rate of mortality and the value of tliorapeutical
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aerenterectasia a er en ter ek ta zl ah G. air air
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should be boiled and lubricated with an aseptic material.
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oxalic acid and urea are not formed from the uric acid bttt
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the motor cranial nerves are paralyzed by large doses. In
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heart sounds and frequency gnd intensity of uterine contractions.
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of the motor function. The diagram drawn by Darkschewitsch shows
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acids. During digestion of protein the liver does not appear to wait
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homogeneous find is great because in Fraenkel s lesions
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spleen should be established. If we place the lingers of the
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desirous of having the elections to the Medical Board made
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nlt lda form of the disease having pearl like scales.
institutions. In this connection it may be noted that the number of institutions
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With one or the other of these jireparations tlie appli
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restraint apparatus to be used and specially condemns the
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cent. or. per cent less than that of cholecystotomy
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fulness tin like all the rest of the London private schools it
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to the amount of acetone produced anesthetics should
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But this danger threatens even in smaller consolidations inas
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clasping it with one or both hands equally and forcibly but yet gently
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partment of Health said that the economic loss to a
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the occurrence of cyanosis and edema was of more grave
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ence bears the honored name of that great physician Benjamin
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nature with a superior intellect and great energy of char
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course at homes and other entertainments for the ladies.
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was called anaphylaxis i.e. the opposite of prophy
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vulsive affections in which c ises a very slight cause
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The fact that phenol was found in the rumen eleven days
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my only regret tonight is that Mrs. Curtice cannot be present to
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that the intestines were involved. He had never resorted
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of thirty nine years who left the hospital on the sixteenth
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its eruption on the fkin appears from the ficknefs at the com
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pertaining to the hygiene of maternity and to the care
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only slight but by changing the plaster at intervals



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