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when after several years of constant observation they

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believe in the x ray at all. I brought in a case which

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hernial tumour. The best diagnostic indication is obtained

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toms of typhoid fever is diarrhopa and this symptom is to be

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them as to be diminished to about one half its natural size.

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There is usually a mild leucocytosis which is usually

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Dr. Jenks Mental impressions of the mother undoubtedly do

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tiff of the services but denied they were of the value

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Dr. Win. Cheatham I think it is sarcoma probably involving the

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Michael J. Gabriel jt. author Beta gt Microglobulin in Cancer

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Several anatomists have paid attention to the structure of the heart

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would confer blessings upon their children greater than riches. They

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symptoms have been ascribed which in fact are really not

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remark was made more to keep me in countenance than with any

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but if a growth of this description having a layer of uterine tissue

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vated the animal having broken its teeth in biting the bars on

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District of Columbia. Miss Coleman school nurse and Dr. Joseph

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however claim that the long horned ranch cattle are less sus

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may operate the easier and let her lie on her back with her

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of these experiments but that the influence of the sugar solution

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and there was no dyspepsia latterly she had had usually a slight

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Plague in Holland during the early part of the seventeenth century

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each injection and on many cases because I certainly expected

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muscles lose power first and the more e.xtensive the

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out any evidence of the circumscribed pneumonitis being a complication of

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inflammation but the antecedent the dead bone cannot

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ence and severity of an inflammatory process and to

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tudinal sinus c mtained a soft recent thrombus. Vessels of pia injected.

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the Child Inflammatian of the Choroid and Retina in the

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has been said that anything can be found in his various

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destroyed far beyond the point of contact and for this reason electric

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of the nerve cells. They closely resemble those of tuberculosis having

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those of extreme obstruction of the veins of the aortic circulatoiy



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