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genuine must bear the annexed signature of the inventor
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into the muscles. It was desirable to have a slow ab
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medicine and the art of prophecy by Apollo and Artemis. He was
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of the neck the shoulders face abdominal wall and rarely the extremities.
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tions always arriving at the same result. Frerichs in par
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cover new symptoms. At first one intercostal space projects in the
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in twenty cases treated at the Alexander hospital St. Petersburg when
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moval is obviously called for together with that of pos
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present in the blood may be responsible. The erysipelatous and phleg
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phied. Mitral insufficiency is thus compensated by the hypertrophy of the
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in such a case that the cord was undergoing gradual com
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tumor. There might be loss in weight and night sweats.
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Where tuberculosis has been known to reappear in a herd
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ing to lift the left appendages out in order to remove them I
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standing if so the only peculiarity in their application to this
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imbecility will serve as adequate differential signs.
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by the profession from that of astonishment at its boldness and
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extension through the medium of a delicate splint and an
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of the cultivation fluid into the duodenum as has been
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rienced no difficulty in breathing while Mr. CoxweU in
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of the glands of the neck tumors whether of bone or soft
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boy has much improved in general nutrition the irregularity



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